21 August 2009

Busiest! Summer! Ever!

...and not for fun reasons, either. We've been insanely busy because V is finishing up his PhD, and we've been making Big Life Decisions like where he should take a job, where we should live, etc.

After that Big Life Decision was made, it was time for me to find a job too--probably the toughest thing I've had to do in a long time. I submitted resumes to more than 80 different companies before I finally got any response at all. Finding a job became a job in itself, but I'm pleased to say that I finally got one, a proposal writing job at a high-tech company. I start on the 31st!

So, the last few weeks have been a flurry of packing and planning, all taking place at the same time that V has been writing his dissertation. I'm his live-in editor and document formatter, and now that I've been through the ordeal of helping him with his I'm really glad I stopped at the Master's!

Next Sunday, we move into our temporary apartment in...the Washington, DC suburbs!! Yay! Land of free museums, great cultural events, restaurants, and theaters that actually play Bollywood movies at the same time that they come out in India! Whether we'll have time to enjoy all of that once we're in the job/commute hamsterwheel is another issue altogether.

For now, I'm savoring the last sweet moments of high summer in Appalachia, spending time with friends, reading books from the university library (while I still have access to it), and using up what we've got left in the fridge, pantry, and freezer so we don't have to throw it out or move it. I'll miss living here, but we're both excited about the adventures ahead.