24 October 2010


Yikes, I really dropped off the face of the earth there for a while. I've just had a really hard time bringing myself to blog for a while, for a variety of reasons: the stress of living in Northern Virginia (yeah, I know, cry me a river). I've changed jobs twice--once I switched jobs for more money/more responsibility. Then I switched again because I was laid off (and I'm very happy with my job now, thank goodness, and hopefully they are also happy with me!). We had a dreadful, snowy winter this past year and I had the most severe seasonal depression of my life. I've also been pondering how to write because my husband's idea of internet privacy and mine are a bit different. I've been trying to figure out how to approach the blog with that in mind, because I want to be respectful of his privacy while still being able to express myself. And we've been busy for the last month and a half because my MIL arrived in mid-September.

She'll be staying until February this time, and we're also starting her green card application this month (before USCIS raises the fees). I have to say, having a house with more space has been really nice for all of us. She's got a nice bedroom and her own private bathroom downstairs, so we don't disturb each other (she wakes up later than I do in the mornings, and we tend to stay up later than she does). Mummy spends her days learning to type and use the internet, studying English, taking walks, going and chatting with the owner of the Indian grocery store around the corner from our house, etc. And of course she's teaching me some new recipes, such as sooji ki idlis, etc. We've had some "girls' days out" to DC for sightseeing together, shopping, etc. and so far it's been just a lovely visit. I've been taking pictures and I'll post them in the next couple days. I promise! Pukka!