28 June 2007

Welcome to Metroland

OK, just as I thought I was the last to get a cell phone, I feel I'm the last to get a blog. But here goes!

First of all, the blog name: Metro-land Manor / Lady Metroland. I picked this name because I'm a huge Evelyn Waugh fan. Margot Metroland is a character in some of his books (Decline and Fall, Vile Bodies) and while she' s not exactly a very nice person, I like the name. Since at this moment I'm not sure exactly what I plan to write about, I think the title will be a good catch-all.

At this time, I think I'll probably end up writing about food more than anything else. Maybe some stuff about being in an intercultural relationship (my husband is Indian), some lifestyle stuff, etc. We'll see! It's a work in progress. More later...

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