15 January 2009

A Delhi Must-Eat

I've been to India twice now, and one must-visit place tops my list of must-eat foods while in India: Paranthawali Gali, in Chandni Chowk, for hot and fresh paranthas! Chandni Chowk is the bustling and crowded old part of the city, with winding maze-like lanes and galis. The shopping can't be missed--my favorite are the jewelry and sari shops.

On this past trip, we went to Chandni Chowk on a mission to find a piece of jewelry for me and a sari for Mummy. Then we went for dinner to Paranthawali Gali to a famous parantha stall where you can get one of the most incredible meals for only about .50 USD!

Here is the menu:

My former Hindi teacher, Raag, will be so proud of me, because I can read the whole thing. Just a few, starting from the top, include paranthas stuffed with aloo (potato), dal (lentil), methi (fenugreek), gobi (cauliflower), mooli (radish), matter (pea), etc. I love the mooli and gobi ones best, but the chilli ones were a pleasant new discovery on this trip. V likes the paneer and the chilli ones best.

When you sit down in the tiny dining area you tell them what kind you want, and then you get a plate of accompaniments (included in the price). You can get fresh lassi brought from a stall in the same gali. Here's what came on the plate:

There's cilantro chutney, aloo subjee, banana chutney, and pumpkin subjee. Meanwhile, out in front of the shop, the hot hot paranthas are made to order. They are stuffed and rolled out:

and then cooked with plenty of ghee:

and then brought piping-hot to your table. Wah! So good, you can't imagine until you go there.


Heather said...

Wow that looks sooo amazing! My mouth is watering - it doesn't help that it is lunch time here. I've never been to that exact spot but some similar places and you're right they are the best!

Raag said...

It's great that you could read the menu :). I am proud for sure.

Those paranthas look delicious.

honeybeeluvsjackfruit said...

Yumm! I look forward to trying out "real" Delhi food in Delhi someday.