09 August 2007

High School Reunion, or "What's That Building Behind You Guys?"

Last weekend was my 10-year high school reunion. I can now say that I have faced the overhyped and cliche-ridden thing that is the high school reunion. All I wanted was to go and see old friends (loved getting back in touch!) and also look hot with my hot hubby. Done! What else happened?

  • Saw guy classmate who is now bald? Check.
  • Saw bitchy female classmate who is now fat? Check.
  • Popular kids still all hanging out together? Check.
  • Massive number of people from my county married each other and stayed right.there. and did nothing.else. in their lives? Check.
  • Some people had insane numbers of kids already at only age 28? Check--one girl has FOUR.
  • Ate awful food and drink? Check--words can't describe how bad the food was, and the one keg of Bud Lite ran out in an hour.
  • Saw popular guy who now seems insanely stupid? Check--one guy asked my husband and me of our picture in the slideshow, "So, what is that building behind you guys?" Ummm...

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