14 August 2007

Why I Love Blacksburg

Today I didn't have much time for exercising before work, so I decided that going walking/jogging for 30 minutes would be better than nothing. It was a crisp morning, even in August, and it was so nice to get out and run through one of my favorite neighborhoods nearby. As I was running, I passed people who greeted me with a cheerful "good morning." I gazed out over Ellett Valley below as I went along, and thought about how lucky I am to have such a view.

As I reached the halfway point of the excursion, I was jogging down a hill and came within 20 feet of a beautiful young buck with small fuzzy antlers; he bounded into the woods at my approach. As I rounded the curve, I had to stop and bend over because I was too out of breath. As I stood back up, a little old lady came out of her house and asked me if I wanted some water. I accepted and she gave me an ice-cold bottle of water and I went on my way with thanks.

For years I've thought only of leaving this town, but now my husband and I are considering staying. Only in a town like this do I encounter such natural beauty and such friendly people. I love Blacksburg!

The photo I've included is actually a young fawn that we found near my dad and stepmom's place, but I thought it was nice with this blog entry...

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