04 December 2009

Dah-ling I Love You, Give Me Park Avenue

This Thanksgiving weekend, we went to New York City for three days. I've never been there before, but V has been and loved it. Now that we live only 4 hours away, there's no excuse for us not to go there and enjoy the things that the city has to offer!

The trip was pretty last-minute, so we didn't get tickets to any shows or anything. We had dinner in Little Italy one night, and at Bar Boulud the next (one of Daniel Boulud's restaurants) where I had a celebrity sighting that only a public radio nerd like me would be thrilled over: we saw Garrison Keillor with his family getting a table at the same restaurant!

We visited the Statue of Liberty:

Ate chestnuts roasted on an open fire (from a street vendor):

Looked at the beautiful Christmas decorations:

And went to Times Square to meet V's cousin-brother (note the Incredible India billboards you can just barely see in the background):

We also bought some Christmas gifts from interesting vendors in Chinatown; I got an expensive lipstick at Saks Fifth Avenue; braved the crowds at Tiffany's; became masters of the NYC subway system; went to the little India area in Jackson Heights for pani puri, paan, and cheap pashmina stoles; and walked around just generally enjoying the city. On Saturday night after dinner we met one of my friends at a very cool little bar near Chinatown where we drank absinthe in a cave-like room lit only by candles.

On the way home we visited V's cousin-sister and her family and had a wonderful lunch and chat with them. From their house in Jersey City, you can see the entire city of New York stretched out in front of you and the Statue of Liberty in the foreground, and as I looked at it I was kicking myself for never having been to NYC before. It was a wonderful weekend and an incredible city, and I can't wait to go back!


Ramit said...

Long time haven't seen any pics of you both. Great pics! I envy you guys. Stupid me did not get time to go to the statue of Liberty when I was in NY last! Boohooo! I'm so kicking myself in the rear! :(

nickelo said...

Nice photos glad you both had great time. I have not been to the Statue of Liberty since I was kid. After seeing your photos now I want to plan weekend trip their. When I go it's usually for 1day viva bus trip cause nana don't lilke the city. Anyhow glad you like NYC & had great time there. Hope this finds you well

Shaunak said...

Dear D.Jain and V.Jain

Wish you a happy , prosperous New Year.

Please don't get offended by my Anti-US comments . I am sorry for my rude and impolite behaviour . I am a brash , young , immature fellow ( only 21 years of age )who still has a lot to see and learn .
I ask for forgiveness if I have inadvertently hurt you .

Warm Regards ,
Shaunak Goswami

Shaunak said...

I have never been to a western country however I have been to countries like Singapore , Malaysia , Thailand on a vacation . I have also been to Russia for playing chess . Of all the countries I visited I like Russia the most . I would like to return again and again only to Russia . Perhaps I was a Russian in my previous life .

Russophilia or love for Russia is something that is ingrained in my personality . The ten days I spent in Russia were the most memorable in my life .

Do you know that Arctic Russia was the home of various Indo Aryan tribes who migrated to the Indus Valley after the advent of the ice age . The fore fathers of Indo Aryans came from Russia and now there great grandson i.e.me and their great great grandchildren i.e. my children aspire to go back to Russia .

Russia lives in my soul , Russia dwells in my heart as a homeland , Russians as people who can share the emotions of Indians with a feeling of mutual respect and long lasting friendship .

Food said...

The photographs were wonderful.

A few days ago, I saw Carolina beat VA Tech in basketball in Chapel Hill. We (Duke) will also beat you guys and Carolina. We will teach Carolina a good lesson this year.

Happy New Year!

Go Blue Devils!!!

Food said...

Duke won the NCAA title by beating Butler 61-59. I am so happy!!!

Go Blue Devils!!!

Shaunak said...

Long Time , No Updates !

riemannadi2009 said...

Someone update this fucking blog already!

riemannadi2009 said...

And Shaunak Goswami, you megalomaniac, get off this page.

Who gives a shit about who you are or what your views about the United States are? Certainly, we don't give a shit!

Your incessant trolling on Sharell's blog, making factually erroneous statements about the United States, is a tribute to American superiority.

And make sure you move to and live in Russia. It won't be long before a neo-Nazi knocks you to death in broad daylight.

D. Jain said...

Yeah yeah, I know...I'm terribly remiss in updating. It was a hellish winter ("Snowpocalypse" is a good way to put it) and then I changed jobs to one with a LOT more responsibility and time constraints...but will update this weekend.

Gori Girl said...

Your MIL is in town now, isn't she? How's that going?